Add a subtle sparkle or fill it with joy.

From the special to the mundane,
adorn each moment with HAQUA,

accessories made of haku (foil) and aqua (water).

Light and comfortable accessories

It can be arranged as a bracelet, anklet, ring, etc. by cutting it to the desired length.

It is seal form, so it won’t break easily and snag anything.

This is water resistant and can last for 3~5 days.

That’s why you can enjoy HAQUA for festivals, sports, and other active scenes.

HAQUA mie is a line of bright, natural designs that can be enjoyed for casual occasions such as yoga, camping, and gardening.

A lot of color options and delicate sparkles inspired by the beauty of nature add a playful touch to bare skin.

HAQUA – foil and water accessories are an elegant design that can be enjoyed for formal occasions like work, weddings and other formal situations.

This comes in three colors : Gold, Pink Gold, and Silver.

They are reminiscent of precious metals and give off a sophisticated brilliance when worn.

How to make colors of foil carefully

Our Plant is located in the southern region of Nagano Prefecture, where two mountain ranges can be seen: Central Alps to the West and the Southern Alps to the East.

Our knowledge of materials and colors, as well as our long-standing color-making techniques, enable us to express complex and delicate foil colors, which are considered difficult to achieve.

We produce a broad range of foils for various decoration points of cosmetics containers and food packaging, in Japan and overseas.

That’s why we could add a new color to the original beauty of the foil.

designed by Shizuka Tatsuno

How to use

  1. Cut the sheet depending on your preference, peel off the protective sheet, place it on clean and dry skin, and decide wherever you’d like to apply it.
  2. Place it on your skin with the design side down, and hold it firmly to the edges with your hands.
    Soak it in a basin of water or under running water for about 10 seconds to fully absorb the water.
  3. Gently stripe off the white paper, while making sure it is adhered to the skin, and wipe off the water by gently tapping it with wet tissue paper.
  4. Let dry for 3 minutes and enjoy for 3 to 5 days (depending on the individual). When you remove it, wipe gently with alcohol or baby oil.


  • Don’t use it on sensitive skin areas such as around the eyes.
  • Don’t use if you are allergic to adhesives, if you have sensitive skin,
    if you are an infant or small child, or if you are pregnant.
  • Please be careful to disinfect your hands as alcohol may cause peeling.
  • If the color remains on your skin, gently scrub it off.
  • Dermatologically tested (This does not mean that all people will not experience skin irritation).