Elegance veiled in water

An unexpected and beautiful encounter.

A new kind of excitement.

The hint of subtle yet lasting elegance.

HAQUA - foil and water accessories

add a delicate sparkle to your life.

Color & Pattern

HAQUA - foil and water accessories can be cut to the desired length and be easy to apply as a foil sticker on bare skin using only water.
This is water resistant and can last for 3~5 days.

101 (Gold)

102 (Gold)

103 (Gold)

104 (Gold)

201 (Pink Gold)

202 (Pink Gold)

203 (Pink Gold)

204 (Pink Gold)

301 (Silver)

302 (Silver)

303 (Silver)

304 (Silver)

※Depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc., the color may differ from the actual product.